list of helpful resources… I will continue to update this page as I run across more

Just authored a new post here I recommend reading as well.

Absolute Essentials – as in drop everything and get right away! Yes, it’s that good

Books, & Other Info

See page here

Exercise Videos

Blogs to Follow

Look to the left Navigation bar for this listing & one that’s not on the list here 

Recommended Practitioners (if near the Seattle area)

Taub Clinic – CIMT  Therapy (no personal experience though just yet!) – Docs/Info shared here

My Ever-Growing YouTube Playlist 

As I run across interesting or helpful videos, I add them here (specific to Stroke) & here (general healthcare)

Products worth Looking into 

Note:  Skim over this post prior

  • Saebo (I have the Stretch, Reach, & Glove products)
  • Benik Splints – My OT has mentioned these as an alternative to Saebo, but I  didn’t like it thinking the Saebo Glove was way better.  It was a bit cheaper and even covered by insurance though.
  • E-stim
  • Active Hands
  • ArmTran – this device I found useful earlier in my recovery when looking to get more proximal arm ROM to return
  • Under Armor One-Handed Zipper coats & other products Amazon & more on the amazing technology here

 Cycling/Recumbent Related (if in the Pacific NW area)

Organizations   (if near the Seattle area)


4 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Sarah Heath said:

    Congratulations on your progress. I am also going through a life changing experience with diagnosis of breast cancer last Nov. Tracking milestones really does help. I have finished surgery, chemo and and now a third of the way through 33 sessions of radiation. After all that I expect to live another 20 years to age 91. Keep up your positive attitude Doug. Sarah Heath from Medford, OR


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