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Take a different route home in your daily commute as it’s ‘good for your brain’. Anything to disrupt those in-grained habits from becoming more entrenched. Grooves of that vinyl record, Led Zeppelin IV track, ‘When the Levee Breaks’ played so much it has deepened being played hundreds of times. I don’t know, perhaps play something completely different such as Mongolian Throat Singing to hop out of that groove 😉

I know all too intimately of these habitual habits formed or not, good or bad. Months ago I underwent my own neurological experiment taking notice of which foot I lead with walking up & down stairs and being Seattle, there’s a hell of a lot of em. I quickly noticed I always lead with my left foot after years of walking stairs. Why? My right-dominant leg is there as I lower or raise to better balance myself.

I continue the experiment, and after a few months I think I mostly have the new habit. The habit breaks say if I ‘m carrying something fragile or dangerous, in a big hurry, or tired. Since, I started this little experiment, to be conscious to now lead with my right foot and its so hard to do. The experiment is not only for a survivor, but anyone. Realize it’s motor-relearning, having to learn all over again the simplest of tasks everyone takes for granted. I challenge you to try it for even one day. Really tough.

I think of everything I’ve done for 4+ yrs now to [partially] recover. I learn how to walk again, albeit like I’m a drunk gimp. How much of that ‘poor form’ is magnified over time? Why it’s important to realize that a good PT’s advice to slow it down, taking time when you can, paying close attention to your form.  So often I’m late to an appointment downtown, where I mostly keep up with others but is this fast sloppy walking just wearing that record groove deeper?  I think so.  Life so often just gets in the way to ‘slow down’.

Very tough to even begin to convey this to the non-survivor. Every facet of recovery, everything part of the body that was affected likely has to go through the process. All frought with the greatest of frustration. Please don’t take anything for granted.