As mentioned last month, this winter I had spent some time skiing again with Outdoors For All but wanted to give a shout out to my instructor, Mike.  Had a great opportunity to ski with one of their most experienced instructors one on one, which was fantastic. Great guy with lots of stories, good humor and lots of laughter to go along with. He was very patient with me and my needs from assisting me getting all my gear on, in which I wouldn’t be able to or it would probably take me all day trying to. Even was kind enough to schlep my skis over to the lift so I could save precious energy for the skiing itself.

His very kind & generous wife, Bobbi sheriffs the fort back in the change room, the central hub of a crazy amount of activity. Mike & Bobbi have been at it every season for I think he said sixteen years, wow, such dedication!

Thanks, guys. You really make a difference in people’s lives!

Shared a couple other videos with a few I had uploaded to YouTube last week, but this one below that Mike took last Sunday with my GoPro for sure is the best! Conditions were a bluebird day, but the hill had a very icy base, dusted with somewhat fresh sugar powder on the surface. The ice definitely made it very challenging. The exact opposite of the conditions of a week earlier. So typical of western WA.