For the third season, I committed to skiing again with ODFA. It’s shaping up to be a decent one thus far.  187″ has fallen on Steven’s Pass so far, which is impressive!  As I write, mid-mountain has 89″, so decent. ‘Cascade cement’ as locals call it, where cold temps and a nice dump of fresh powder, then days later temps will rise, bringing rain or premature melting. Makes for some heavy, wet, and very hard to turn in the snow. Sorta curse around here, but very occasionally you get lucky to time things perfectly, being up there on a blue-bird day with great snow. I’ve seen it a few times, one of them being early last season.

Last year was very tough for me. Even though I was going to PT, I lost considerable muscle mass and worse of all, my stamina just wasn’t there, is the worst combination. I would fall continuously since I was weak.  Then, all the work going into trying to get back up was incredibly exhausting. Each run I recall falling 3-4 times, which was so frustrating! Ended the season thinking I might hang my skis up, adding to my growing list of activities I no longer participate in.

Mentioned in a previous post, this year my PT, Aaron and I made a conscious decision to do much more to prepare for it. Squats, balance board, cycling, jumping off things have apparently helped greatly! Last Sunday being my first day up, miraculously, I didn’t fall once all day! This boosted my confidence and certainly energy to spare! My instructor, Mike is again one of the more experienced ones, which is really fantastic.  Looking forward to what the rest of the next six Sundays bring!

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