Our good friend, Ed, my wife Jeanie, & I sat around last evening chatting about whether or not resolutions matter or discovering intentions throughout the year where they likely then may be more long-lasting. If so, what would that look like for me? I feel I want a new hobby or interest to pursue where my mostly constrained use of my affected hand won’t be a limiting factor.

Re-entry back into pottery a couple years back turned out to be an exercise in frustration. Slab building, which is primarily working with clay on the bench rather than throwing a pot on the wheel I found to be a bore where all I could think about was wanting to get back to my love of the wheel. I made the effort to use my affected left hand, but it was just of no help. To no surprise, it seemed to make it more difficult than to just use my one right hand as the muscle memory was still there and was able to actually build and open up a cylinder. But then the left-hand fine motor control needed to form a bowl or other vessel just wasn’t there, so I ended not finishing a piece. Cleanup of the tools (& myself), much like washing dishes, was a complete mess.  Not ruling it out for good, but if I ever get the gumption to try again, I feel like I would need to find a class targeted to the disabled or even hire an assistant to follow me around to clean up, as I could never expect an instructor to do so.

Maybe joining my wife, Jeanie, exploring watercolor painting more might be good. Once getting in the right mindset, I found it relaxing. It does really make you see everything around you from an interesting new perspective, which is cool. Once Jeanie sketched out a flower for me to practice on, it made it so much more approachable. Otherwise, I just sit there with a block not knowing where to begin. Maybe sometime I’d enjoy taking a course on it and getting more into it. Would be a great activity J & I could share together.

Playing a musical instrument may also be in my future, but not all that many to choose from. Ideas online include various percussion instruments, a harmonica, an Ocarina, hammered dulcimer among some others, so may explore. Of these, the harmonica may be pretty neat and accessible to play around with so may give that a go soon. I can play along with Dylan (yeah, sure) and get on J’s nerves, kiddin’ hun 🙂 Seriously, speaking of harmonica played by one of my all time favs, this is awesome.

Would love to get back into some sort of woodworking too. Still mourning the loss of having to sell off my entire woodshop a couple years ago, just as I was starting to get really into the craft. My mother-in-law started to play around with polishing & carving driftwood and other pieces of ‘live edge’ pieces with Dremel tools, which could be accessible to me. Would need to try.

Parts of the right brain functions

Parts of the right brain functions

A good intention for the new year is to get some more right-brain activity to pull away a bit from my solid left-brained self.