My wife Jeanie & I took our new inflatable kayak out for the second time yesterday on Lake Washington down the hill from our house. It’s alway a bit frustrating getting gear rounded up, such as forgetting the seats at home which was my fault, ahem. My brain still just fails me at times. Not that I can point all blame at my stroke, but I like to still think it’s a big factor.

Anyhow, one enormous improvement over our stint up on Orcas Isl was using my ActiveHands orthotic brace more suited for this sort of activity. The other one here is perfect for riding my trike as it’s far easier to deal with especially by myself, but this one really keeps my hand strapped on there. Jeanie took some video of me below.  Yes, once again let my GoPro at home 😦  Checklist put together now for next time!