Wanted to get back to writing a post more relevant to stroke. It’s good to get out there and give anything you enjoy a try. One of the pre-stroke activities I love and used to do quite a bit of is both sea & white water kayaking. I was able to try sea kayaking a couple years back in Lake Washington with an organization Outdoors For All but had lots of issues with my affected hand slipping down the paddle, not being able to grip it well. My solution back then was to use something with a damn funny name, gorilla snot that musicians use to not throw their drum sticks out into the crowd. I also used a great device made by Active Hands that wraps around your hand to keep it on whatever you wish. This worked quite well except it can require an assistant to get it on your hand. But since lost it (looked everywhere).  I do have another model that has the advantage of not requiring someone else to put it on as it has a simple loop design.  I do use all the time when riding my recumbent trike.

My wife, Jeanie & I spent a week of vacation up on beautiful Orcas Island to visit good friends relaxing away from the absolute craziness of Seattle.  Besides getting out and riding our bikes, we took our tandem sea kayak we bought as a replacement for our recently sold older fiberglass single kayaks. The inflatable kayak is really great as it’s super comfortable, very stable, and tracks well. Only complaints are that it’s pretty cumbersome, pain to dry and pack up afterward.

My memory not being what it used to be I kick myself for forgetting my GoPro to film us!

As I no longer have my original Active Hands wrap-around model, I had to try and come up with a new solution that in the end didn’t work near as well. I moved a couple drip-stop paddle rings to be on both sides of my hand, some Blu Tack, and the looped aid. I’ll need to go back to the other one.



Another much cleaner idea that I may still do is to wrap the paddle with Dycem in addition to the Active Hands.

No white water paddling anymore, but hoping to make sea kayaking work!