So this is something I just very recently heard about. And now that I read up and watched this performative video on this site here, hearing that it affects 5-52% of survivors, has me really thinking I may have mild touches of it here & there! PBA involves uncontrollable laughing, crying, and loss of emotional control.  You may feel like you’re going crazy, but it’s a well-known condition. Sometimes for little reason, I’ll just break out in giggles or laughter or when in social situations where a joke may have brought on a bit of laughter from others, it has me laughing so hard I’m in tears. Now it’s very difficult to really assess if I had this pre-stroke and stroke just made it more pronounced. I don’t think I’ve really ever swung the other way where I have bouts of loss of uncontrollable sadness, so that’s at least good. Now personality changes post-stroke?  Oh yeah plenty!  I seem far more extroverted than pre-stroke. Crazy thing is that its one big aspect about myself I had always wanted to change, go figure that it took a stroke to make that happen! 😉

I’ve never been medically assessed either to if I may have or not.  I will mention it to my therapist and discuss some more. I did take the (informal) scale here and scored a 19.  It says anything over a 12 may indicate the disorder. Who knows, may be nothing at all, or yet another thing to add to the pile.  To look on some bright side, at least it’s somewhat happy.