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Wanted to do a quick post on a functional aide that will help greatly at getting movement independence back.  The company, Active Hands makes a range of cool products that all survivors should be aware of. For some time now, I’ve had their basic gripping aide, which can be used with activities from kayaking, skiing, to a multitude of other use-cases.

For riding my recumbent trike though, I found the aide mentioned above quite difficult to deal with, especially to try to get it on/off doing so alone. I find this product of their’s far easier, since you can very quickly & easily slip the loop on/off the handlebar. Now, I know their site states it’s sold as a pair. If you email, they’ll sell you just one side, depending upon which one you need (half the cost). In fact, Rob if you’re reading, good to just start offering one side off your site;-)

I will be taking it down this weekend to LA where I plan to try riding a recumbent 2-wheel bike with the generous assistance of my cousin, Steve. So hoping it will help me out with my confidence trying that. If not, it works fabulous with my existing trike!

Me being a dork trying to shoot a short video of me talking about it here