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Not to oversell this one as Seattle is certainly not the place that I moved to 20-something years ago!  Amazon’s hiring spree & countless other tech jobs is making it one crazed place to live, and we don’t want more people! This past winter was tough and we all more than deserve any bit of good weather as we put up with the wettest & gloomy of weather in 122 years with 47 inches. Yuckity muck muck! Starting last Friday, we finally have a stretch of really great weather.  70-80s yesterday, supposed to hit the mid-90s today and yes that’s hot for here, especially that most no one has AC in these older multi-level homes! My parents down in AZ think it’s a joke 😉 But when it’s nice it’s Nice!

Up really early this morning to beat ‘the heat’. Footage I took…Mt. Rainier was out in full glory and mid-way through the video sorry you’ll notice I’m looking over to the right a bunch since I’m looking right at Rainier, but for whatever reason my camera just doesn’t show it 😦 Oh well, glimpses of Lake WA.