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Seattle for a long time now has had a nice summer program, Bike Sundays. On a handful of Sundays, the city closes down an otherwise busy street, Lake WA Blvd to cars. Right in our neighborhood, we often attend. Great to see families out, getting young ones into cycling.

A couple of weeks ago on a particularly nice day, Jeanie & I attended. Took the opportunity to play around more with my new GoPro camera. Absolutely love the Hero5 camera and it’s a lot of fun.  I foresee using it cycling, kayaking, skiing, and whatever else I can get back to or dream up to do again. But I realize I am a real n00b at video editing though as it took me a ridiculous long while to get edits made, and this is the ‘easier’ of the editing software…yikes! Jeanie has heard me whining about it now for weeks, where I’ve seemingly had no end to frustrations with it. I can hear our friend, Michelle probably saying about now I should go with a MAC! Finally saying enough is enough, hoping I have learned a couple of things along the way, I’m at least uploading something and learned more for next time. 😉