Re-posting what I think is an important topic in which most really just don’t understand or get. I myself have most definitely experienced.  In fact, Jeanie & I were just today discussing how not only of this residual post-stroke factor, I’m having to slug down two AED’s, one being the max dosage of Lyrica on top of it. It’s no wonder I have a hard time concentrating or staying ‘plugged-in’ day to day!

We were talking about my personality of trying to stay tough through it all along agnosia in there as well, often pretending like both factors aren’t affecting me and daily life.  Something I need to self-examine more I guess.


[Helping Others Understand is an open-ended, intermittent series designed to support stroke survivors and family caregivers with helping friends and family better understand the nuances, complications & realistic expectations…]

Source: [WEB SITE] Helping Others Understand: Post-Stroke Fatigue | TBI Rehabilitation