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Someday, Jeanie & I will have to make a trip back to make peace where it all started, Brennecke’s Beach in Poipu on Kauai. Until then, it still sends chills down my spine to think or look at pictures of the place & day  that forever changes our lives. Two things to share from people close to me who both visit Kauai every year.

My boss recently visited and sent my team & I at work the following…

My mornings consist of a bicycle ride to the beach, followed by Yoga and coffee here.  Since this is where your accident occurred, Doug, I had a word with Mother Nature at this very spot and told her you had suffered enough and it is time to give you back what she had taken.

I also told her you would be back!  Several green sea turtles and a seal await your return.


And my best friend, Adrien who he & family recently had visited sent…

Being in Kauai, you have certainly been on my mind.   We visited the beach that drastically changed the life of my best friend three years ago, and delivered a message to the ocean (faces cropped out to protect the innocent).