Just had to post on this.  I was looking back today for a photo I was going share with family here and stumbled across pics of me in Hawaii a day or two before I flew back home to Seattle from Honolulu. The morning of my stroke was the day Jeanie & I along with my in-laws woke up super early to drive down to visit the AZ Memorial.  Well that day ended up being NOT at all what we had planned, obviously never making it to see the memorial.  I nearly had created my own memorial instead.

My first head PT at the Rehab of the Pacific, Scott and my recreational therapist (forget her name) took me to finally see the memorial I set out to see. These pictures sent chills down my spine. If you look at my rather major asymmetry in my face & body overall. Other are shots of my sister, Deanna. She flew out to help me back home. Big help as she happens to be a nurse. Some in there of my (favorite) aqua therapy. Watch the short video my sister took of me.  I look dead, floating there!

Everyone says it’s important to be able to look back to know how far you’ve come, and yeah I suppose I have. 🙂