As mentioned in an earlier post, a while back I started to see a PT, Aaron Shaw over at Movemend here in Seattle, in which I can’t recommend strongly enough for those local looking for a comprehensive one-stop shop for any PT, OT, or CHT.  Aaron really knows his stuff with over 20 years in the field.  One thing that really resonated on is he comes out of the PT industry rat race, knowing its shortcomings and what I’m continually bitching about. He was fed up with it and started his own practice to offer something that breaks away from those one-size-fits-all protocol-based approaches.

Anyhow, Im undergoing more of a pilates approach that is starting at core muscles as seeing how I walk, carry myself, and my posture I’ve developed a lot of weakness now over the past 3 years in my core.  Without the core, it really can’t make sense to work my extremities.

Aaron is also a stickler for not having this long list of exercises & equipment.  He’s after getting me to master only a few basic core exercises before moving to others. Swedish exercise balls are used a lot in core work. One of the exercises, ‘Dead Bugs’, where you are on your back squeezing the ball between your knees & hands, alternating cross-body.  It also serves as a neurological exercise as you have to think to extend left leg & right arm, then right leg & left arm.  You wouldn’t believe just how difficult this was for me to do after 3 years now, as simple as it looks & sounds!  Anyhow, there are loads of other exercises with these balls of course.  Now I just need to stay motivated!! Ugh.

BTW, the title is my clever spin on the 80’s Echo & the Bunnymen hit that only about two to three readers will probably be the right age to get 🙂