So, coming up to year three, my coworker & friend is on vacation in Hawaii on the island of Kauai  staying a short walk away from the ect week where my accident occurred.  She sent the below email & picture that both gave me chills & left me speechless.  It was incredibly heartfelt & kind.


I remember paddling on the boogie board to try to be able to swim with a pod of spinner dolphins we saw from our condo’s balcony.  Surf’s up, catching waves back in, I enjoyed a good hour of fun in the waves breaking close to shore, when an unexpected one drove me head first into the shore.  Both my wife & my lives would change forever in what would then occur a short four days on Oahu.

My good friend’s email and picture of Brennecke’s beach:

My mornings consist of a bicycle ride to the beach, followed by Yoga and coffee here.  Since this is where your accident occurred, Doug, I had a word with Mother Nature at this very spot and told her you had suffered enough and it is time to give you back what she had taken.  I also told her you would be back!  Several green sea turtles and a seal await your return.🤙


Yes, I will go back again one day to what used to be one of Jeanie & my favorite places to make peace, but it’s gonna be a while. Mahalo.