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I’m back up alpine skiing with the fantastic organization, Outdoors For All up this year at Snoqualmie pass. I skied with them two years ago up at Stevens Pass.  That year was one of the dryest, awful years for snow we’ve had in a long time with sheets of ice to ski on at best.  But, it was so little time after my stroke I still had most of my muscle mass and I was surprisingly able to ski decent.  I never fell once, mostly able to keep up with my instructor at a good rate of speed.  Counter-intuitively since I have lost the majority of that muscle along with learned non-use, its lead to greater difficulty now. With my tenacious, competitive, go-getter personality, it’s very tough mentally for me! But I’m still up there giving it a go, having fun, and enjoying the mountain air!  

Wouldn’t at all be the same experience without my great volunteer instructor,  Keith Felton (left in pic below).  He has the patience of a saint really caring to anticipate every need making sure I enjoy myself up there! In addition, we had Kyle (right in pic below) up there who is a ‘cadet’ future instructor.  Fantastic valued volunteering guys! I’ll be up there every Saturday through the 18th of Feb.