Another political-related post completely unrelated to stroke, but being that I’m not a guy too much into social media, this is pretty much my outlet & this stuff affects us all. As family & friends know of course, I work in IT as a security engineer. Today, Obama gave his year-end’s press conference addressing a bunch around the Russian hacking & tampering with the election. It was very much a topic at my work today. The address began with what I feel is a nice summary of facts of progress made over the past, which was very well presented I thought.

What struck me too is just how well-poised Obama is, carrying himself diplomatically with his easy temperament. I couldn’t stop thinking of those in my life that are anti-Obama, always thinking I need to defend him.  Watch these and consider how Trump would handle.

Another related interview that in some ways I thought more elegant and nicely laid out than the press conference, this one NPR hosted that is great. Tad hard to catch an archive of it online of the conference without a lot of other nonsense, so if missed it on TV, this is a good stream of it.