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Our beloved black lab Shadow passed today at the age 16.  She had a mass cell tumor on her hind haunch growing for months. She declined very rapidly in the past week or so not being able to get up or even stand on Wednesday.  Our good friend Tess had to even come over and carry her into the house from the backyard.

shadow just out of the Puget Sound after a hard afternoon's play

shadow just out of the Puget Sound after a hard afternoon’s play

Who's helping who?

Tan & Shad in the Puget Sound. Who’s helping who?





Doug playing with them both – Puget Sound off of West Seattle

She had a wonderful life alongside Tanner we lost back in March. Jeanie & I first met walking the two of them. Man, time goes by too fast! Sixteen years for both dogs is a LONG life for big dogs, so we must had done something right (lots of love, good diet, walks everyday, etc.).  Ed also walked her those days we couldn’t, along with my disability the past three yrs.  Shad was fueled by this intense stubbornness & will to press on we think mainly over food. It kept her going nearly to the last day. She was still going up/down stairs with Jeanie’s help till late last week.  Incredible!

Dogs sure are wonderful companions to come home to everyday, and is very therapeutic for the health state I’m in. Each and every day, there’s something that reminds us of Tan, now it will be Shad too. We (& the kitties), and friends are going to miss them tremendously.

Most labs like balls. Shad loved rocks and to her all the rocks in the world had to be not retrieved & brought to us, but rather ‘saved’. Braving white-water rapids or even amazingly diving underwater completely submerged, holding her breath to save rocks bringing them up to shore was what she lived for. Crazily she would then place them on the beach strategically according to her plan we could never figure out. On & on she would go till she was shivering and we would make her come out of the water.

Shad Diving off the coast of Bainbridge Isl.

Shad & Tan on the beach

So many memories I could go on & on. She will be so missed. All the rocks are saved girl, you can rest.