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This is a great article (link at end of post) on yet one more example of some fantastic scientific research on the enormous potential benefits out of drugs (many naturally derived) for health ailments where conventional science shackled by its societal norms and the failed drug-war policies so often flat-out refuse to connect on solid evidence-based studies to allow it to be used where it can save those who need it from much pain & anguish.

Depression & anxiety are direct side effects of post-stroke & epilepsy. I & many others I know suffer from such disorders.  And of course you don’t have to be a stroke survivor either.

This article very much reminds me of another great podcast episode Josh & Chuck from SYSK present about the fascinating history along with the many medicinal benefits of LSD. Hmm, one branch of the federal government, the CIA is able to openly use LSD on many unbeknownst people, then another branch, the DEA labels it (& Psilocybin) a class1. They’re right up there with heroin! Where are the opiates that a huge percentage of America are addicted to? Hmm, can we safely say it’s big Pharma & its massive lobby groups? Obviously LSD & Psilocybin with a shamed history, science is once again prevented from being able to even conduct trials & further studies.

Who knows in the future what awesome neurological benefits of such drugs? I will leap at the chance of most any such trial to hopefully realize its many potential benefits.

A landmark pair of studies shows that giving people with depression and anxiety magic mushrooms made them better for months.

Source: Study: Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Help Cancer Anxiety – The Atlantic