An interesting article, albeit quite hard to understand for the layperson like me.

What I do know is I very much experienced this ‘Neuronal Cascade of Death’ over the few early hours of 02/14/2014 when countless trillions of neurons died forever within my right motor cortex.

I often get asked: “but didn’t they try to give me tPA”? First off (from what I could recall & my wife, Jeanie filling in the missing gaps) EMS, nor the doctors really #1 even were sure I was having a stroke (one paramedic even thought it was Bell’s-palsy) & #2 if a stroke, what type was it, ischemic, hemorrhagic.

Oh and by the way, tPA is only ~12% effective anyhow 😦

Source: Discovery could help scientists stop the ‘death cascade’ of neurons after a stroke | Newswire