Reposting this great post about fatigue in which it’s a great resource for survivors to read. I can tell you that I certainly experienced just about everything in the post and well really still do! It affects every aspect of my personal & full-time work life (as an IT engineer). The majority of people in my life just fail to understand all of this to the level they should to relate to me post-stroke vs. pre-stroke. Everything you quickly learn takes 2x as long to do ,4x as hard, 10 x more frustrating if I had to put numbers to it.

It’s a constant battle balancing just how much you share & make clear letting the other person really get to know & understand all of this.

Fatigue fatigue, that is what people with brain injury often experience. Everything takes at times a herculean effort. The energy for the day is often consumed completely within two hours. There are many …

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