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We have a nearly 90 yr old (in dog years) Labrador, Shadow who miraculously keeps ticking along despite her ailments. Jeanie & I even went as far to say that we’ll postpone planning any sort of vacation travel ‘another six months’ now maybe 3 or 4 times now thinking, well sadly she wont be around with us, and here she is still, bless her heart. We joke that the only thing that keeps her going besides our love is her never-ending stubbornness & food 😉

Today, neither Jeanie nor our good friend, Ed was able to walk he, so I had a go at it again.  I did so a couple of times before and did OK. It must look too crazy for bystanders seeing a stroke survivor limping along with an ancient ol’ doggie! What really is the question is who’s walking who! I let her decide turn by turn and how far.