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So heard about this company through a stroke survivor group I met with early on. I attached minutes from that meeting in case interested.It sounds potentially very good with loads of possibility! I know there have already seen quite the cash-flow out the door spent on everything from small exercise equipment to devices such as five different Saebos I now own.


This company’s devices look remarkable! One of them called the BioSleeve that looks to be a custom fitted to include parts to make my so still needed finger extensors & supinators hopefully recover. Of course insurance won’t cover a dime, but should this be worth it such money (likely thousands of $’s), I need to remind myself that I can’t put a dollar amount on such regain of function. Of course I would need to do much more research and checking up on claims of efficacy etc. first.  I already took the first step to try to schedule an evaluation, so I’ll just have to see.