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A week ago I decided to give this new Saebo device a 2-week trial and so far so good. It’s interesting that it’s not at all like other traditional e-Stim (like I have had) or TENS devices where the goal is to stimulate the muscles to where they contract. This one you turn it up to where you feel a bit of tingle and then back it off. It’s just a very mild sensation that you can even wear to bed to have it on for an 8-hr cycle. You have to lube up your hand & elbow with gobs of conductive lotion, which is pretty messy, but at least it helps get the glove on my most uncooperative fingers!  No possible way I could ever put it on myself though! My wife does a great job with helping me & being patient with my digits 🙂

So far from what I’ve seen I would recommend it especially for someone well within their first year of recovery. Seems way better than a traditional e-Stim, but chat with a therapist as s/he may still recommend both, I don’t know.  Saebo does enforce that you do get a Dr’s Rx for the device.

Now by next week I’ll need to decide if I feel it’s worth the purchase or not. I would say it’s going to come down to:  Pros: Claims do sound pretty good and it most certainly is a very great and innovative product (only coming to market a month or so ago).  Cons: It’s probably something I should have had during the first year for the most efficacy, it’s a messy PITA to put it on, and it’s not the cheapest thing @ $299, and of course insurance wont cover a dime.  Saebo should at this point be giving it to me (or a substantial discount!), as I’m pretty much a poster-boy now owning three other of their products and spreading the word like I do! In fact, I think will ask for that!