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A couple of weeks back I was chatting with a co-worker & good friend about how much I’m slowed down by not having my two hands on the keyboard, primarily my need for classic key combos like Ctrl-A,C,V along with the Windows Key shortcuts (lots of em). After listening to me complain & blabber on, he asks why I don’t just use a keyboard foot pedal?

I never thought of it since it’s because I never was much of a gamer and these are mostly used by them.  The USB device is pretty awesome as you can program any combo of keystrokes (screenshot below) into one of three pedals and your’e off and running! In reality, I wish I had more pedals for additional combos as it’s really tough to decide, but boy could that quickly become a mess under your feet! Now of course I have to say (Peter Levine would agree) that if your stroke wasn’t as severe as mine and you are recovering at all, get BOTH hands up on that keyboard and don’t cheat yourself and get lazy with these! But like me well into the chronic phase having to still earn a living (work in IT), it very much aids productivity. I still hope and set goals to one day have both hands typing away though!

I have them hooked up to both my home & work machines (via a USB splitter) and so far love them especially when having to copy/paste code in scripts at work or whatever.