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This is mostly a re-post (his post is really a good read), but wanted to preface it with comment or two. Reading his post brought up again a profound amount of frustration & anger toward the overall f’d-up state of America’s healthcare system AND at myself that once coherent enough I didn’t go with my gut (apparently I didn’t have a brain) and leave the outright worthless primary providers calling themselves ‘Rehab’ Doctors. Just what do they teach them in Med school? Yes, I’m still seeing my current Dr at Harborview, but only for the 3-4 month Botox, but mostly other than that, she’s worthless. No coordination & follow-up with my other providers and most certainly does zero of what Dean posted in his article. My Dr in Hawaii was nearly as bad for sure (even though my other overall care was better there that here in Seattle).

As you can read in other posts of mine, I’ve since had the wherewithal to seek other providers such as Dr Estrada and others to embrace a more Integrative Medicine approach. Being your own medical advocate is truly the only way to go. Have I lost a bit of ground lately with my PT, stamina, and such? Yes, but slowly getting that back on the right track. I find the constant change & rough time getting my AED’s sorted causes much lack of energy & motivation. My Epilepsy Dr simply says  “push through it and trusting the AEDs work”…sure, easy for him to say never have going through it himself!