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I want to update all that were thoughtful to support me & pledge for me to climb the Base2Space Climb for cancer coming up on the second of October. Back nearly a year ago when I signed up, I was doing great in my recovery considering the circumstances. I only had 2 or 3 seizures. Hell, at that time, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with epilepsy. I was well on my way to even driving again. Well, ever since the last big (Clonic Tonic) one, it’s been a different story. I’m plagued with nearly constant localized  seizures in my left (stroke affected) arm, hand, and toes. It’s been a rough road tweaking my AED meds adversely affecting stamina and needed training for the event. High anxiety levels about all of this are ever present as well.

I have unfortunately decided not to climb this year. Heightened anxiety and overly exerting myself these days only increases chances of another Big-S as I now refer to them as. Would be my worst nightmare to have something occur in that LONG stairwell. This was a huge blow to my psyche always being the strong go-getter, do anything sort of guy.

I have written the nice folks putting on the event and they are kind enough to comp my 2017 fee should I be up for it then. The generous tax-deductible donations you made rest assured go to a good cause.