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As of last week, the Gabapentin (one of two) AEDs my Dr has me on has started to dramatically lose it’s efficacy having it not last much between taking it and symptoms returning. My Dr says it’s quite common and something where adjustments need to be made over time or new drugs substituted. Currently I’m on rather close to the max dose I think of 600mg 3x/day.

It’s now back to the Dr battling with my insurance with the pharmacy in the middle to again try to get the (very expensive) Lyrica he had first tried to prescribe. I have to then go through this big PITA down/up titration schedule to adopt the Lyrica. And the really potential shitty thing  being that the two drugs are so close to one another, it may end to not even be effective either! If that occurs, then back to the drawing table 😦

In the meantime I’ve been so far able to mostly steer clear of the extremely addictive Lorazepam only meant as a ‘rescue drug’. Medical Marijuana is the only thing that significantly keeps the symptoms at bay along with getting my mind off things. Important to also recall are stories about the marijuana ‘refugees’ and its great help with epilepsy (another post & a news story).

Since I know it’s coming as it did following another post (was on my high horse on) and understand its only because you care. You may say it’s one addictive drug for another, but trust me as that would be the very last of my worries at this point and it should be yours too.  Epilepsy is something you just don’t and perhaps will never understand fully for someone who hasn’t experienced. It’s important to keep in mind that its high quality medical grade (and no I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s not FDA approved) and it’s just a fricken herb that people have used for many many centuries. Chinese records show dating from the 28th century B.C.E. How has this herb gotten such a bad rap in our culture and why it’s udderly insane fact it’s still labeled as schedule-1 drug?  I strongly feel it’s rooted back to Nancy’s Reagan’s miserably failed war on drugs (those who care, another good read) and reason to why our mostly privatized prison-industrial-complex being fed politically, directly lead to so much of mass incarceration & racial profiling over the past nearly 3 decades. But all of us of course make our own decisions and have our own opinions and I will respect that. Decriminalization is the only answer being my opinion & bottom-line.