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So far in this LONG journey of my recovery, I can say I have unfortunately had some not so good providers, but I’ve mostly now l feel I’m in a pretty good spot. I’ve certainly have had to be my own health advocate not being afraid of getting up and leaving the ones I felt not right about! All along as you can probably gather, I look for the integrative medicine approach wherever I can.

Anyhow, I wanted to give a shout-out to the listing below as they are terrific and I recommend (if in the Seattle area):

  • Dr. Shannon Estrada, N.D: I’m super grateful for the fantastic treatment she has provided and always confident in her abilities.  She always has a professional, warm, & caring bed-side manner. Super important to me is that she will avoid pushing yet more Rx drugs at me trying first to treat with holistic natural methods first.  Every educational visit is aimed at an integrative medicine approach and she never rushes me out, taking all the time I need…sure is a departure from my former M.D.’s and as you can gather, I highly recommend her & really Graham Rehab as a great place to go!
  • Jill Kinney, L.A.c: I’ve been seeing Jill for over two years now treating a whole slew of issues stemming from the stroke.  She has provided fantastic treatment  over the years and always confident in her abilities.  Jill’s professional & caring nature is always present. Every educational visit is aimed at an integrative medicine approach and she never rushes me out of there.  Treatment efficacy-wise, I’ve always noticed some improvement each visit.  I highly recommend her.
  • Holly Jackson, LMP : I’ve seen Holly for Massage Therapy for quite a while and she’s by far the best MT I’ve ever had.  Any type of massage you can think of, she can do.  Her Myofascial Release technique has helped me greatly and has complimented my PT for sure!  I highly recommend her & Renew. Oh, at Renew I also used to see a great P.T, Anne, but she relocated to Tacoma forcing me to seek elsewhere. I’m coming back to try out their services as they recently hired new staff.
  • Shahin Hakimian M.D.: I recently started to see him for my epilepsy and he’s really good. He really listens to you and your condition & ‘partners’ with you to develop a treatment plan without just dictating the common one-size-fits-all norm. He’s very responsive and communicative.  There is a stark difference comparing his clinic to say the O.P. rehab clinic at Harborview in which I can say I didn’t have the best experience with – treating to the lowest common denominator is not a practitioner I want.
  • Kyra Becker, M.D.: Dr. Becker is a Neurologist I started seeing real early on once I got back to Seattle and she’s been great.  Again, a Harborview stand-out to me.  Obviously she is highly respected in the field and I have the utmost confidence in her.
  • [past]Linda Hagemeyer, D.P.T: Though I don’t see her anymore as I’m now trying to more combine upper extremity care into lower with my choice of PT, but may go back at some point.  NW Hospital I understand to have had one of the biggest & best stroke recovery programs in the area, but seemed to have severely trimmed down in size.  Linda is great though, plus she’s a Saebo trained therapist, which is a sign she is an ‘Aggressive Therapist‘ according to my trusted wisdom of Peter Levine.
  • Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific: I was at this I.P. acute rehab clinic there in Honolulu, HI so I could get ‘flight-ready’ to return home. While I may have thought at the time it wasn’t a good experience, looking back it was really great & I hindsight being 20/20, I should have stayed there as long as possible! At that time, being in Stages 1-2 of the Brunnstrom Approach, I now so realize the super care during that very critical time. The whole team & approach was awesome looking back on it. If only H.M.C. once back in Seattle would have carried the ball forward as they should have!

Any questions or need more info, get in touch with me or leave a note in the comments.