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I think & hope I finally have landed on a good ‘cocktail’ of AEDs (Anti-Seizure Drug) after now a couple different ones.  Currently I’m on:

  • Lamotragine @ 250mg/2x day
  • Gabapentin @ 600mg/3x day
  • Lorazepam @  as needed for anxiety or as a ‘rescue’ drug should I feel one may be coming on.  My experience it builds like a panic attack.  I keep a few pills with me at all time on my belt-loop in a great little container I found:


Took a while to see how I would react to each. The Dr. has a Lamotragine blood test and it was pretty low on the scale, so he might shift dosages around here soon, we’ll see. Gabapentin at first hit hard making me incredibly drowsy and slightly dizzy, but since mostly subsided.  I’ve learned there are loads of other drug choices out there!  So far so good though as my last one was mid-July, thank goodness!

I’ll update if things change.

Oh, while on the topic, I highly recommend everyone with past stroke or Epilepsy (for that matter most anyone), to pick up one of these.  Choose the ‘dynamic’ option when ordering, that way you don’t need to worry about cramming all your info on the tag as you can simply update it online!  They even make one to wear on your FitBit like the Charge HR model I have here.