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So I got some rather very unfortunate news from my Neurologist today.  I have officially been diagnosed that I have epilepsy. The exact clinical name being “location related epilepsy”  or “symptomatic epilepsy” – both terms refer to the fact that the seizures are the result of a scar that has formed on my brain after the stroke. Sometimes they are easy to control, while in some cases such as mine, they are not. My next round of fun will be to get referred to an epilepsy specialist to see where to go from here…probably a change in Rx drugs from where I’m at today.

The very strange & troubling thing is that they are now seemed to be following vigorous exercise of my affected left side.  Of course, exercise/rehab of that side is exactly what I need to be doing! So hoping the new doctor will have answers! In addition, the rather major anxiety I have developed over this stuff will likely need some intervention.  For those that know me well, can you imagine I’ve turned into a basket case??