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So yesterday I suffered another seizure.  I was doing so well for many months…returned to driving and overall taking one day at a time pushing through recovery the best I can. I do my best to break away from my work each Friday to drive myself down to the nearby public pool to swim laps, walk the ‘lazy-river’,and other exercise.

Yesterday I’m out of the pool, down the water slide and headed in to shower & change.  I typically use the family/disabled change rooms as the shows are a lot easier to get in & out from & overall nice to have the extra privacy.  Nice to have the privacy till yesterday that is.

I stripped off the swim trunks, showered and sat down to get dressed when I felt the dreadful weird twitches and erratic unusual movements in my affected hand. When this occurs , as mad & frustrated I get doing everything to relax myself, fight it, eventually succumbing to sit/lie on the floor as quickly as possible. The floors in these rooms anti-slip textured like sand paper concrete floors.  There I lay still naked where every single muscle contract, drifting out of consciousness guessing about 15-20 min.  Then I wake up gasping for air as perhaps I don’t breath enough while I’m out, I don’t really know?The lights in the room being motion-sensitive, turned out so I lay there fumbling around for my glasses trying to see and feel where and how to stand-up.  I ended up clumsily waving a towel in the air to make the damn light come on again.

Mustering up all the energy I had, I got back on the bench to at least slip my underwear on.  Poking my head out the door, I saw a woman walking by so I asked her to get someone to help.  A really nice lifeguard, Nathan showed up that was kind enough to help me get dressed.  Then he grabbed a desk chair with wheels and wheeled me out to the lobby where I phoned Jeanie.  She was able to call our good friend, Michelle who drove and picked me up.  I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful wife & good friends in such a moment-thanks J&M!

I got home and want good for anything the rest of the evening of course.  Luckily I didn’t bite my tongue as I have in the past. But lying on that textured floor, I skinned the hell out of my outer ankle along with a few other spots twitching all over the floor I suppose.


All in all made for the end of an already tough week. So hard to think things are finally returning to some normalcy and this strikes.  Sucks too that it’s the first time it struck away from home and in the afternoon as earlier ones all in the AM at home.  So this means no driving till after mid-December now and increase in meds.

Good times.