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It’s been a big challenge to find a good therapist out there. Two plus years into my long recovery journey, I’ve now had 4 PTs & two OTs. It’s so tough to navigate and to know if anything is really helping. My experience has shown that you can find a quality ‘aggressive’ therapist  working out of a small private practice and don’t necessarily think you’ll get the best care form a large institutional medical center. To this day though I get really frustrated with the lack of chart note sharing and any sort of communication & direction from my Rehab Dr.  In other words, very little coordination of care ever goes on as I feel it should. Also I at times think some therapists may not even know where to start.

A decent place to start is a post from Peter Levine here.  I have mostly followed this advice.  For example, I chose to leave my Harborview OT for NW hospital due to the lack of a Saebo trained therapist, which I feel was a great decision.