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I started the year with some rather lofty goals. I would say mid-way through the year progress has been mixed. The first solid two years I can say went gang-busters. Everyone said that there is a normal big spike in overall & specific areas of recovery, but then over time wanes and may even ‘plateau’. I wouldn’t go as far to say I’ve plateaued, but waned for sure. No professional has or probably never will tell me that I have. There are good days and certainly bad days, but at least I can say if I look at a rather long-span of time, things are progressing albeit VERY slowly…far slower than I had ever thought or hoped early on having no fricken idea I would be in for the LONG haul. I know setting goals is important and setting specific ones as possible is a good approach. I’m still slated to do the Seattle Space Needle stair climb in October which I am training for. But, wow the rest of those goals?  I’m making  tiny progress for most on the list, but very few other than the return to driving have actually been met. But I can’t give up they say!