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Wanted to write a quick post to briefly go over my personal experience with having my arm/hand regularly treated with Botox injections.  Some may wonder, isn’t that for cosmetic wrinkles? 😉 Well, it’s used these days for far more uses, such as treating migraines, but an important use is to treat muscle tone imbalance & spasticity following a stroke.  The basic idea is your Dr. basically ‘paralyzes’ the stronger larger muscle groups i.e. bicep, so that PT exercises hopefully are able to get opposing muscle groups again stronger in order to again balance things out. A great blog I follow has a bit on the topic here you can read.

I’ve now had a total of seven treatments over the past couple years.  It has helped a bit making me feel & look more ‘normal’ where I’m not continually clenched up. So many of the hand & arm exercises just would be impossible without them.

The thought is that one can hopefully both go longer between treatments along with receive less ‘units’ over time as opposing muscles continue to come back. I had gone back every 3-4 months, but there was a scheduling snafu this last time here I wasn’t able to get a visit in for 5 months from the earlier one.  I surprised myself how good I did that long without pli=us this last time we are experimenting now with far less units and so far after now about a month in, I think the dosage units were spot on, so I’ll probably have her just repeat next time.

For the curious, below is a record of what units in what muscles i have received over time:


1.  Left biceps brachii 50 units (divided into 2 sites)

2.  Left Brachialis 25 units

3.  Left FCU 25 units

4.  Left FCR 50 units (divided into 2 sites)

5.  Left Pronator teres 25 units

6.  Left FDP 50 units (focused to 2nd and 3rd digits)

7.  Left FPL 12.5 units

8.  Left lumbricals 50 units (divided into 4 sites)

9.  Left FPB 12.5 units

Prior injections:


One round I Did try early on since my toes were curling so bad, was a couple injections into the arch of my foot.  Man, NEVER again!  Very painful! No local anesthesia or anything, just a huge long needle in the arch…yikes!  I told the doc next time I’m showing up with my flask of bourbon and a bullet to bite down on! 🙂  But from then on, just focussed on upper extremity stuff!

Anyhow, hope its useful to someone out there!