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Gorgeous day here in Seattle today – Sunny & 70s after a longish spell of gray skies.  Jeanie & I got out and found one of a long list of public stairwells hidden away in Seattle neighborhoods where you are bound to drive right by them not knowing they are there.  The one we hit was on Capitol Hill here.  It had great views of The Olympic mountains & Lake Union.  I’m out there doing stairs for more than just the great views and exercise though as I’m starting to get serious about training for my Base2Space stair climb of the Space Needle in October.  Today’s climb being the longest in Seattle only had 388 steps, where the needle is 832 steps, 98 flights of stairs, 520 feet in the air.  So nearly half of the way today, so piece of cake come October I say 🙂  After climbing it once, Jeanie didn’t think she had enough exercise, so she headed down for  2nd run at it. I was getting a bit too tired for an entire 2nd go at it, so I sat down on the grass about a third of the way to the bottom to take in an inspirational view of what do you know, the needle 🙂

Taking in the View of the needle from Howe Stairs in Seattle

Taking in the View of the needle from Howe Stairs in Seattle



I am also beginning to take the stairs at work  (I’m on the 16th fl) to get training in when I can.  CYA needle in October !

Thanks again to all who generously donated too!!