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A bit of good news the other day for once…I’m now officially cleared to drive again.  It was a long drawn out ordeal though!

I had to :

  1. Get my rehab Dr to send a referral to my OT
  2. Burned through a OT therapy visit to take a real lame AAA computer screening test, that I swear designed for 90 yr-olds.  She sat me down and first had to ask if I knew how to use a mouse 😉
  3. Rehab Dr then received my passing near-perfect result to then turn around to say I now needed a formal in-person test, so she referred me to a guy (he was fantastic though!) whereby I had to pay a whopping $500 for an extensive interview and actual driving exam around my neighborhood.  It did go really well.  Great thing is that he came out to my house, so for once I didn’t have to pester Jeanie to drive me yet another place! I drove his vehicle equipped with a suicide knob whereby I can use my right hand to safely turn sharper corners, park, and such.  We already have one of these knobs on our VW wagon my Dad installed, so I’m good there. In fact Jeanie loves it now too!
  4. At this point, I’m all set to start to drive 🙂
  5. We are soon  going to get what’s called a turn-signal cross-over extension arm that clamps on to the turn-signal arm to extend it over to where my good right hand can control it. A picture of it is the top listed item here.  This will help where it would be dangerous to reach around with my right hand to hit the normal lever like changing lanes etc.
  6. And then next time I get my drivers license renewed, I’m probably going to let them know about my disability and they will list a ‘restriction’ on my license like only an automatic, has knob, and whatever else, but the guy who cleared me stated that it’s not the law that I must contact the DMV of these things.

So, all set, but yeah quite the process! Some survivors just start driving again, but probably not the best idea legal-wise as your insurance may choose not to cover a claim if involved in an accident 😦

Honestly, I’m not super excited to be back to driving though as I just never really enjoyed driving much, plus driving in Seattle just plain sucks. But it will be great to be able to help Jeanie out with some quick trips to the store and local appointments, etc.  I am rather rather excited to be able to drive myself to the public pool and sessions at a Sensory Deprivation tank in which I’ve been dying to try, so that will be cool