For those who don’t know yet, soon I hopefully will soon (ease) back into driving.  I need to first pass a basic skills test that will include visual cues, reaction time, and distractions, then a full in=person DMV test. To  help see how I was with this stuff all these months later, I searched around   online and found a couple online reaction tests  like this one, which is great and all, but the below found in the NY Times wins the prize for sure as it takes all three into account! While someone like my young nephew Drew could probably play such a game so easily, I actually found it so challenging – In fact, I didn’t even attempt to play along reading/responding to the texts!

I have said over & over that hitting & killing a biker or pedestrian would be the biggest nightmare & fear I can ever imagine.  Texting while driving is something I’ve noticed countless number of times of people still doing it  even though there are SO much warnings and stories.  If you never caught this in the past, I urge you to watch it & check out the below game to see how you do!

Gauging Your Distraction

Source: Gauging Your Distraction – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com