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I have read a great book, Magnesium Miracle which I highly recommend looking into it as just about everyone can benefit greatly from, but do your own research! I’m learning so much about this most critical mineral to almost every body function! It just boils down to the fundamentals of biology. I began to follow the author’s advice and went out and got a RBC (Red Blood Cell) test, and while I wasn’t too deficient , I wasn’t at an ideal level, so I want to try to get my level up.  I am now taking an ionic form & concentrated oil sprayed on my skin. The majority of people are very deficient due to how our food is grown (mineral lacking in the soil) & overly processed potentially causing a very long list of ailments. It’s probably the safest supplement to take as if too much, the worst thing is a laxative effect.  The mineral is sadly very much overlooked and rarely discussed nor recommended by your typical doctor. Why? It’s not a Big-Pharma money-maker and MDs don’t learn about it in medical school as they probably should, plus there aren’t the millions of $s in research studies & marketing available as to Rx drugs.  They simply throw one drug after another at you, hence one of the major big issues in today’s health system IMHO!

Anyhow, the book is a great read if you want to check it out for yourself.  I very much agree with what Dr. Dean states in her book, Don’t take any advice, from the book or even your own Dr as gospel – Listen to your own body.  While I’m personally not expecting a huge miracle, I’ve  already noticed a drop in blood pressure, my mood & overall energy has improved.


FWIW I have had a couple of people now including my MD PCP express some albeit caring feedback/advice on the book’s rather controversial claims so wanted to further clarify my opinion on it. Those concerned quote this article which when I first read I admit bummed me out and scared me a bit.  I immediately emailed Dr. Dean and below is a snippet of her response…

Hi – I’ve been reading your book and I happen to be a recent stroke survivor.  What’s contained within your book is a ton of really encouraging information that might go a long way if true to treat my seizures, insomnia, and perhaps even prevent another stroke! But, running it all by my Dr., she is very skeptical since you don’t quote any randomized double-blind trials proving scientific validity & true medical research supporting such claims.

  1. It’s an unfortunate truth that we did not learn anything about nutrition, minerals and vitamins even though every biochemical pathway in the body requires the cofactors of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Drug companies fund most research and will not do proper studies on important nutrients like magnesium. We all suffer as a result.
  3. Magnesium – especially ReMag is extremely safe and could be used by anyone.

Being a clinician I go by case histories until someone comes up with a billion dollars to do stroke and magnesium studies.

Yes, if you know anything about the battle between alternative medicine and allopathic medicine – all doctors who do alternative are attacked. My story began with me talking about the dangers of sugar on national TV in Canada and a sugar lobby group “reported” me to my medical board who upheld their attack. You can read my side of the story in my book Death by Modern Medicine or in this article: http://www.naturalnews.com/032229_medical_monopoly_allopathic_medicine.html

So, after reading her linked above article, I thought about it some more, continued reading the book (not quite finished yet) and came to my conclusion that it’s very safe and even if some of her claims are true it will do no harm.  She states over & over in her book to not listen to her or anyone, but what your own body is telling you and I consider that the best advice of all.  I can just say I’ve personally noticed improvements already, so I don’t think its snake oil. I also understand the placebo effect is very real, but I honestly feel this is more than that, but only time will tell. I’m certainly not trying to push it on anyone as everyone is so different and mileage may vary.  I’ll continue taking it bottom-line.