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Not in celebration of, but nearing my two-year anniversary  of my stroke, I figured I would jot down a few noteworthy thoughts that may be at least a bit interesting…

  • Overall  day-to-day outlook starting with getting out of bed in the morning has improved dramatically .  Early on, each day literally felt like having to psych myself up for an up-hill marathon.  Personally haven’t run one and can only imagine, but I have accomplished similar endurance sports activities. The early days in recovery were by far the most taxing both physically & mentally endeavor I’ve ever undergone!  So while at times still very difficult, it has gotten a bit better
  • “Bad Days” are less frequent – energy, strength, outlook on life, etc.  Again, certainly some now & than and nowhere near ‘normal, but they are getting better.
  •  Cognitively I have  improved in day-to-day life activities & at work. Mental focus & memory has drastically improved.  I still find myself forgetting tasks that should come as automatic  (closing garage door or turning off lights).
  • Endurance still being worked on. Walking has gone from not being able to at all to now walking three or more miles/day.  This summer, with a good friend, I cycled over 30 miles going up some serious hills on the trike around Vashon Isl.
  • Significantly reduced my intake of the damn Rx drugs.  Now down to only the Lamotrigine for my seizures, I can’t see having to take any new drug for a long time.  It took a long time to convince doctors to not push drugs at me, but I feel as if I’m finally there.  Initially taking those needed early on agree is important, but as far as I’m into it, weaning off of these has been great.
  • Frequency of seizures has lowered. They were 1 every 3 months, but they certainly seem held off by: time since stroke, sleep regimen and exercise, the Lamotrigine (which someday I will stop), occasional cannabis, and now perhaps Magnesium supplementation.  Hard to really prove one or another, but looks to be working…knock on wood!
  • Day-to-day living tasks & work has gotten easier.  Like doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, taking the recycle out, etc.  As my affected arm & hand SLOWLY improves, I’m able to do more & more now.
  • Insomnia has improved a bit – or at least I now have good approaches to deal with it should it come up as it occasionally still does. Good sleep regimen & exercise key!