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This past year I posted a number of posts like this & this one regarding the Catrike Road that I had purchased awhile back at Recumbent PDX in Portland. Over the past year, the trike has really helped with my recovery I feel.  It has greatly strengthened my affected left leg powering up all the hills here in Seattle and dramatically improved my endurance. The trike also happens to be my lone mode of transportation since I’m not driving any more these days.  This allows me to get to Feldenkrais, drop by the market, library, appointments, etc. with some needed independence.

Though I’m not riding nearly as much now that it’s winter, I road a ton in the summer months including a late-summer trip out to nearby Vashon Island with a buddy, Stu who visited from the UK. What was so amazing about this ride was the climbing grade at one point being 28.9%!!  I do quite a bit of rather steep climbs around home here in Seattle, but phew, that was a tough one & I was really beat! A few shots along with a video are below…

2015-09-20 12.14.38

2015-09-20 11.30.33

2015-09-20 10.45.09



I have some other shots from a trip Jeanie & I did with our good friends Ed & Michelle up on Lopez Island in the San Juans, but I’ll need to track them down & post later in an update.