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Source: Stronger After Stroke Blog (THE STROKE RECOVERY BLOG): Splinting after stroke? Why?

Interesting unconventional take on this topic!  I sent to my OT for her opinion,though she most certainly is in the ‘pro-splinting’ lobby!  In the meantime, I’m continuing to wear my Saebo Stretch, but it certainly will have me questioning it!


Yesterday we went to see my OT.  Her thoughts & opinions regarding the listed studies were vague & missing key details.  The bits that she questioned the most were the length of study time spans short term (one to seven days) and in the long-term (> one week) & then no results of studies beyond 7 mos.  Since in my case, it’s well beyond 7 mos, it’s tough to draw conclusions/comparisons to my case.  But, she did very much concur regarding the old-school conventional splinting technique and that Saebo’s Stretch dynamic splint is a great improvement over the old types.  So, I guess in my case, I’m convinced now it’s best to wear the Stretch @ night, use the Flex/Reach for exercise a few times/week, and the Stretch splint at night as much as possible.