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This is long overdue post I have been meaning to write…

Through every step of my recovery, I have been incredibly lucky and fortunate to have such great and loving people in my life. It has made a tremendous difference in not only my health and well-being, but my attitude towards recovery. Friends and family visited, fixed things around the house, drove me to appointments, and encouraged me all along. I cannot thank you enough all!

The person I want to thank the most is my wife and sweetie, Jeanie. She truly has been there from day one as my caregiver, partner, and confidant. The stroke affected way more than just myself and my life, but truly ours has been turned upside down, and changed forever. There have been many times where I actually felt I have it easier than she does. It certainly isn’t what she thought she was signing up for, but her courage and tremendous help each and every day has meant more to me than anything or anyone else. From the outside view, it’s often very tough to understand how hard it is on the caregiver and how much they’re actually having to give up. The  role is an incredibly tough job that has its ups and downs and takes a very high level of patience and love. Many marriages have a very tough time through this very long process. We have grown closer in many ways, even though it is has had as rough spots, we keep carrying on. I love you my wife.