Being disabled or someone as myself that has been through a situation such as a stroke seem over time to accumulate a lot of equipment, orthotic devices, and other products that may not be of use to the person any longer. Something cool I thought of the other day that I wish I had the resources to bring about is some sort of hosted super simple application that had the look and feel to it of Craigslist, where one could list what they no longer needed and be able to make a connection with someone who does. I understand there are plenty of stores that sell and even give away such things, but it would just be nice to be able to connect with another person in need. I can think of products off the top my head such as my no longer needed walking canes, AFO along with some very expensive tennis shoes, where the left shoe was purchased to be much larger than the right to accommodate the brace. Granted, it would be someone very specific that just happened to have the right size foot and just happened to be left-side affected, but you just never know who might be out there with a need such as that. I don’t feel that individual would even think to go to one of those stores looking for such a device. I’m also no doubt in the future going to have piles of gear to eventually give to someone who may need it like my Saebo devices, various exercise gear, etc.

If anyone out there knows of some hosted application or resource, please let me know!