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This afternoon while leaving work, I stepped onto the elevator following a guy that was walking onto it as well with a couple crutches. There was another guy in the elevator as well that and as we started going down to the lobby, he politely inquired what had happened and the guy responded that he sprained his ankle really bad. The guy followed with a question of how long he figured it would take to recover, and he said he hopes to have the crutches off within two weeks and just what a hassle they were. I just couldn’t stop thinking of how now that I’m walking without a cane, there was a marked difference in how people acted around me… No giving up seats on the rail, no holding the door open for me, no more inquiries. I’m not at all one to relish the attention and spending time going on and on about my condition, but I just find it all so interesting. The whole experience really has taught me to have the utmost empathy for the disabled, most especially the chronically disabled. Having a stroke, equates to a lifelong recovery-a little longer than two weeks 😦   As a survivor, I have long accepted the hard fact that I’m in it for the long haul.