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I have neglected my blog and meaning to write a new post for many weeks now! Lots has happened over the last few months. Family and close friends has visited, Jeanie and I took a vacation down to New Mexico, and have just pretty much been busy getting on with life.


My dad & Sally flew up from Arizona to give us a lot of kind assistance and hard work on projects around the house that I normally would have been able to take care of pre-stroke but now no longer can’t. We are very grateful for the support system that everyone has offered over the past couple years! I also had an old friend and his girlfriend out for a long weekend of fun and visiting plus a good friend from the UK,where he and I embarked on a rather long and extremely hilly cycle ride over Vashon Island, which was a lot of fun and not so easy doing it on my recumbent trike! As much as I enjoy the trike, I certainly miss my two-wheel carbon Trek for trodding up the category climbs! My buddy, Stuart emailed me after he graphed out or ride showing that there were a couple 29% grade climbs, which sort of blew me away.

Last month Jeanie and I took a week-long trip down to New Mexico where we spent some time with my in-laws going to see the Albuquerque balloon Festival which was as amazing as I have heard. We then all drove up to Santa Fé where we visited museums, ate a lot of great food, did this incredible drive up into the mountains to see the Aspen trees changing their fall color. Our visit down there makes us really consider someday retiring down there where Santa Fé gets an average of 325 days of sunshine :-).


As far as my stroke recovery, I’m still seen incremental progress albeit with slower less noticeable gains than a year ago. My walking has gotten better, and while my arm is coming along, I still have not much movement in my hand. I  made a commitment for over the next couple months to really step up my Home Exercise Plan (HEP) to increase hand & arm and hand exercises consistently each and every day.

I have also just finished a fantastic book (I listen to the audio version, which I recommend), titled “Different Strokes for Different Folks” by Steven Boorstein. I’m going to say this is another absolute must read for any survivor plus has a great benefit for the caregiver. I’m going to put it right up there with my recommendation for reading “Stronger after Stroke“. Remember I post a recommended book list here.


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