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Good info on Seizures in this post. I’m going to go back & mark down a few of these events that coincided with my two I had! Thank goodness the drug (Lamotrigine) I’m taking is keeping them at bay!

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Epilepsy triggersKnowing what triggers your seizures can help you recognize when one may be coming and help you be prepared to lessen the chance that one may occur the next time you face a similar trigger.

Some people may find that seizures occur in a pattern or are more likely to occur in certain situations. Sometimes these connections are just by chance, but other times it’s not. Keeping track of any factors that may precipitate a seizure (also called seizure triggers) can help you recognize when a seizure may be coming. You can then be prepared and learn how to lessen the chance that a seizure may occur at this time.

Some people will notice one or two triggers very easily, for example their seizures may occur only during sleep or when waking up. Other people may notice that some triggers bother them only when a lot is going on at…

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