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I know, I need to stop on the re-posts on Epilepsy now 😉

But, those of you that have insomnia – as I do still quite often now & then, best read and take note! Quality sleep is SO vital!

TBI Rehabilitation


•We studied the effect of partial sleep deprivation on seizure occurrence.

•Adults with epilepsy recorded 237 seizures and sleep and wake periods for 1 month.

•Sleep time was not different between preseizure and seizure-free periods.

•Napping, sleepiness, fatigue, and insomnia symptoms were commonly reported.

•Small degrees of sleep loss were not associated with seizures in our sample.



Prolonged sleep deprivation activates epileptiform EEG abnormalities and seizures in people with epilepsy. Few studies have addressed the effect of chronic partial sleep deprivation on seizure occurrence in populations with epilepsy. We tested the primary hypothesis that partial sleep deprivation over 24- and 72-hour periods increases seizure occurrence in adults with epilepsy.


Forty-four subjects completed a series of self-reported instruments, as well as 1-month sleep and seizure diaries, to characterize their sleep and quality of life. Diaries were used to determine the relationship between seizure occurrence and total sleep time…

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