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I most certainly am glad I have health insurance, but the below image of a recent invoice of an MRI that I had sure does illustrate the exorbitant inflation of our healthcare costs! I have no idea, if any “deals” that HMC would have worked out with me should I have paid with cash, but the assumed “contracts” that the insurance company has worked out with HMC, shows that there in bed together to artificially jack up the costs and who pays?-We all do.


As you can see in the statement below, the line item for pharmacy seems to be just some contrast drug that they gave me via IV While I was getting an MRI. Wow, wouldn’t you agree that is artificial inflation? And then the line item for “minor surgical procedure”, all that is a technician putting an IV in me! As our friend, Ed said… “how many totals like that would take to pay for an MRI machine?!”

HMC_Ins statement